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Patch Invests in Dlive Hire Stock! The new standard for all events?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

The future of both the music and corporate audio sectors is looking ever likely to contain product from the Allen and Heath Dlive range. The flexibility that the system offers is unbeatable for the price range and there are so many things to love, we cant say enough good things. The advantage of Dlives for live music is well documented; the detailed reverbs, routing flexibility, soft key assignments, high resolution 96K, 64bit summing and multi band dynamics ETC, but we see a real opportunity to raise the quality of our corporate events as well thanks to the countless audio tools.

Firstly, the built in auto mixer is fantastic! You can auto mix up to 64 channels in up to 4 zones which in itself is useful, however assigning this to a channel doesnt use up a valuable insert point! enabling you to keep inserts free for Dyn8 processors or special plugins.

Secondly, Dyn8. Need we say more?!

Configurable bus architecture means you can configure the console to have as many groups axes and matrices as that job requires ( up to 64 ). So for that job that only has a few mics but has many PA zones, you can now control them directly from the desk. Coupled with the system's flexible I/O system utilising main racks and expanders, its possible to easily send up to 32channels to a remote location ( up to 100m ) from either the stage rack or the console via a single cat5. No need for switches or network configuration, simply plug and play.

We also see an opportunity to use Dlive in the theatre arena utilising its extensive scene recall system and midi capabilities. Take a look at a recent case study here.

Patch has taken delivery of 2 x C2500 Surfaces and 2 x CDM48 mix racks, with a selection of I/O cards on the way including: Giga Ace, Dante and Waves. Theyre being put straight to work on the Cheltenham Literature Festival this week.

We are excited by this new platform, it just makes sense for us, its going to raise the bar across all of the events we're involved in. If you want to pop in to have a play and get familiar with the system, get in touch!

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