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Dlive Raises The Bar For Queenz Tour

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Queenz, the show with balls is a revolutionary show bringing high energy entertainment to theatres up and down the UK across 2022 and 2023. Featuring 5 glamorous drag queens who can "saaang", they belt our classic feel good anthems to packed out audiences every night. They needed an audio solution to bring consistency for the performers on stage, and have enough control to manage the voices coming from stage, and be able to be externally triggered, all in a compact pourable package that is going to fit in everywhere. The choice was obvious... Dlive!

The system consists of a C2500 surface controlling a CDM48 on stage. The Queenz are belting into SE V7 capsules and their IEMS are controlled from FOH in this case, but with the 64 busses available in the Dlive, there's no need to compromise. The new Sennheiser integration in V1.94 is a nice bonus here as the engineer is able to see battery and RF information from the radio mics directly in the channel's preamp page which is really useful when you're a one person audio crew most of the time.

Qlab is feeding the Dlive with Midi triggering and multitrack audio stems over Dante which has been working seemlessly. Its so simple and easy to setup, we were a little surprised.

The tour is also carrying our d&b Qseries PA system consisting of Q7s and Qsubs to provide a consistency, but also fill out some of the venues which don't have a particularly punchy in house system (after all it is the show with balls).

When asked what the production manager; Kieran Powell thought of the system he said:

Kieran Powell at the helm

"I don’t think Queenz’s full theatre show would have been possible without dLive. The extent of processing power is unbelievable and unmatched in a setup of this size. With Dyn8 inserted twice on every channel we have control over each vocal like never before. The built in reverbs sound lovely, the routing capabilities are fantastic and the stability is great.

The fact that I know we could lose Front of House and the show carries on with our redundant Mac Mini setup helps me sleep at night. Toby and the Patch team have helped us so much in achieving exactly what we want from the sound-side of the show and configuring the dLive to make sure the tour sounds outstanding"

We're looking forward to continuing to support Queenz and what they have in store for us all in the future.

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