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The V-SUB is an actively driven high performance cardioid subwoofer powered by a single amplifier channel. The V-SUB features integrated rigging equipment, and shares the same acoustical and visual design as the V-GSUB, which is intended for ground stacked applications only. It houses two long excursion neodymium drivers, an 18" driver in a bass-reflex design facing to the front and a 12" driver in a two chamber bandpass design radiating to the rear. The cardioid dispersion pattern resulting from this approach avoids unwanted energy behind the system that reduces the reverberant field at low frequencies and provides the greatest accuracy of low frequency reproduction.

The V subwoofer can be used to supplement V8 and V12 loudspeakers in various combinations, ground stacked or flown, either integrated on top of a V8 / V12 array or as a separate column.


The d&b workflow enables us to utilise Array Processing. Whilst designing the system in array calc ( d&b's prediction software) this miraculous technology measures the response of the system every 20cm into the audience area and uses processing to even out the sound throughout the entire audience area. The result? Totally even response, It will sound the same in every seat in the house. There's a reason d&b's motto is 'Democracy For Listeners'



Find out more on d&b's Website:

d&b V-SUB 18"Passive Cardioid Subwoofer


High performance flyable cardioid subwoofer

  • Components 18"/12"
  • Dispersion Cardioid
  • SPLmax 137 dB
  • Weight 64 kg / 141 lb
  • Frequency response (-5 dB standard) 37 - 115 Hz

  • Frequency response (-5 dB 100 Hz mode) 37 - 95 Hz

dry hire from patch

All Our equipment is prepped and checked by our dedicated warehouse team in Swindon, and comes with all those little extra handy bits that make life easier on an event. All of our racks are created using a stacking sleeve system making it really easy to pre build and wire your hire, making sure you have a plug and play experience on site. Another great thing about the sleeve based system is that the sleeves look great out of the case!

We can deliver across the country, with great access to Cheltenham Via the A419, and Reading, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and London Via the M4.

Get in touch today to see how Patch Productions can make your next hire easier.

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