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We understand that the sound can massively affect a performance. There are so many factors that contribute to a successful sound, and we are weighing up those factors before we've even made it on site. It is so important to us that everyone gets the best experience, be that the performers or the audience, we are unbelievably dedicated to achieving audio perfection on every event we do. It takes top quality gear, and engineers at the top of their game to achieve successful sound and at patch, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business at  delivering the best possible sound.


Wether a live music event, an awards show, the exterior of a building, or a piece of theatre, lighting plays a huge part in setting the appropriate atmosphere to make the audience connect with the content. Patch are passionate about using technology to create that atmosphere, and have a great deal of experience in delivering solutions that cater for a wide range of situations. We love working with designers, to help them achieve their vision as much as we do, creating the solution ourselves with our experienced event brains. Let us set the right tone for your event!


Patch has a reputation for being a trusted production resource. We love being able to help brands achieve excellent production, wether we are wearing our logo on our chest or yours. It's not all about the glory for us, we get that being a useful resource can mean that we can't shout about it, the important thing is being a part of flawless, successful technical production, and we really get a kick out of that. You may need our expertise in a certain area, or need a supplier who can provide a total production solution in your name, patch loves collaborating with other organisations to deliver the best of the best, partners in production!


We like to get the job done whilst also being approachable, reliable and enthusiastic. We can be focussed on creating something for you, or delivering ideas that you or your team have been working on. We know what it takes to deliver events to a high standard, and we know that you need things to just, work. That comes as a given with patch, what sets us apart is making it as easy for you as possible in the process. 


Patch has always sought to invest in top quality kit. There are enough challenges on site without having to deal with unreliable or unsuitable equipment, so we take great pride in ensuring our gear is fit for purpose, well maintained, and comes with all those little bits to get you out of trouble. Wether you have a specific piece of kit in mind, or need us to design you a package that will work, we strive to be a trusted and reliable partner in your network. 


Over the yeas, we have built relationships with manufacturers and distributers to be able to offer their amazing products to others. We are constantly in touch with new innovations and technologies, we use them day in day out! Which enables us to design technical solutions with the most appropriate equipment, based on experience. And we can offer the added benefit of training from experienced technicians, who constantly have real world experiences with those products. Our design team is dedicated to providing SOLUTIONS, that help you do what you need to do.



We are a live event production company based in the heart of the Cotswolds, Cirencester, who love nothing more than putting on a good show. Or more importantly, helping YOU to put on a good show. Patch is known for consistently delivering high quality technical production in all facets of the events industry, be that at a festival, a corporate event or theatre, and we are always looking to provide the best service we can to our clients. We are here to work with you, to deliver your event to the highest level and to make sure all it's needs are catered for. It takes the right attitude to be able to do this, and we at Patch, pride ourselves in being entirely focused on your vision, whilst being the easiest people to work with. We aim to build such a relationship with you, that you feel you can approach us with anything. That's what makes Patch different. Top quality production, an honest, friendly, knowledgable team, and a flawless track record. We can't wait to chat to you about your event!




It's vital the people you are working with are experienced, positive, friendly, enthusiastic, and at the top of their game. 



"We just love working with you and your team!"

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