Since 2016, we have had the pleasure of working with the Phoenix Festival in Cirencester, a free, local showcase festival, giving bands the platform to show their stuff with a professional set up, in front of big crowds. We provide tailored audio solutions for all 3 music stages, ensuring that the audiences at each are blown away with top quality sound, without hearing too much of the other stages (which can be a challenge!). The main goal at phoenix is show the bands off, we want them to blow the audience away, and have the show of a lifetime! There is such a wide variety of acts on this show, young and old, experienced and not so experienced, and styles as varied as hard metal to Arabian belly dancing, our talented engineers have to quickly adapt to the content in the quick (and silent) soundcheck to show the act off to its fullest. We love a challenge, we love showcasing local talent in the way we know how, and we love working the Phoenix Festival!