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We have a great deal of experience in providing successful, reliable silent conference systems. A great solution if mulitple breakout sessions need to happen in an open space, or the presenters and auddience are moving around a space. Maybe youre limited on the amount of noise you're allowed to make or are worried about being heard by people who shouldnt. Both your audience and presenters can be totally silent, and totally mobile. We often also use these systems to offer translation systems. 

Silent Conference Systems


    dry hire from patch

    All Our equipment is prepped and checked by our dedicated warehouse team in Swindon, and comes with all those little extra handy bits that make life easier on an event. All of our racks are created using a stacking sleeve system making it really easy to pre build and wire your hire, making sure you have a plug and play experience on site. Another great thing about the sleeve based system is that the sleeves look great out of the case!

    We can deliver across the country, with great access to Cheltenham Via the A419, and Reading, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and London Via the M4.

    Get in touch today to see how Patch Productions can make your next hire easier.

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