New Site, New Toys!

It's taken a bit of time, but we finally feel we have a website that represent what we do, and how we are!

Let us know what you think.

We have also added some new toys to the inventory:

Welcome the d&b D20 4 channel amplifier! This is effectively 2 d&b D12s in one unit but with a load of added features.

It can power our Q series, as well as the B2s and the rest of the C series, M4/M6, all at full whack, and will operate V and Y series with 3dB less headroom. So, it does the job of 2 D12s (and some) and is only 2u compared to the 3u of the D12s, meaning that for every time we replace 2 x d12s with a d20 on a show, we're saving 4u of rack space. Awesome!

In addition to the space saving, the amp also offers some useful new features such as 2 x 16 band eq's compared to 4 band in the D12, the ability to implement array processing on T, Y and V, and significantly faster remote monitoring over OCA.

In this picture you can also see our new Flightcase labels that arrived from our friends at Le Mark this week.

Lots to do here at patch, and we're looking forward to what is shaping up to be a brilliant summer season!

Check back soon for more updates on what we've been up to!

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